VASP Code Lookup

Enter a VASP Code to find out which VASP it belongs to.

If the code is not yet used, you can register it to establish your VASP identity in the OpenVASP network (see below).

VASP Code Registration

This form interacts with the Ethereum blockchain. You must be connected to a wallet (e.g. Metamask) to use it.

Registering a VASP Code deploys a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain (VASP Contract), which is fully owned and managed by the registering VASP.

The created VASP Contract serves to store the different public keys used to encrypt message sent to the VASP and to verify messages signed by the VASP.

All keys (Transport Key, Message Key, Signing Key) can be set in the form below or changed later by directly interacting with the VASP Contract. Ownership can be transferred. For more information click here.

VASP Code registration is free besides gas fees for the Ethereum transaction.

Please provide 8 hexadecimal characters

Make sure that a gas limit of 2‘400‘000 is set.